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I want to share with you guys what a happy, happy fan-girl I am right now. Lots of you know that this comic is my love letter, my homage to the old 70’s giant robot cartoons. And that it’s heavily based off the classic anime Grendizer. Well, my husband and I only have a DVD copy of a VHS that he’s had since he was about five years old. It’s one of those things they put together back in the 70’s and 80’s to bring anime over here, but instead of bring the whole series they took bits and pieces from certain episodes and made a little movie of it.

That being said, I have never been able to find the entire series of Grendizer. Until now. It’s taken six years of searching but FINALLY I have all the episodes. The quality on the video is decent. The subtitles could be better, but at least they’re understandable and seem to be spelled correctly. They do have that “written by a non-native English speaker” Hong Kong Subs quality to them, but they’re better than some subtitles that I’ve suffered through.

So, if you don’t have an issue downloading anime that hasn’t been released on home video here (and that actually, America never got the whole series in the first place) and isn’t available anyway, you can go check out the inspiration behind Adrastus. I know I’m going to be getting my nerd on today!

Drawn in Manga Studio EX4.