This might be trouble. I mean, I think so. It seems like being shot at could be a big problem to me.

Don’t forget to throw me a vote over on! So, normally I would tell you guys that voting would get you a preview of tomorrow’s page but uh… I put the wrong vote incentive up yesterday. Oops. I’m sorry, everyone! I kinda feel like an idiot. This would be easier if Photobucket wouldn’t move stuff around in my folder. Maybe I’ll start using a different file storage for the incentives.

In other news, I finished up Chapter 12’s pages yesterday! So excited to show them to you all, I think you’re going to like them. I’m a bit nervous about the color. Hopefully you all think the extra time it took was worth it though. As usual I’m going to be offering the chapter up as an Advance PDF starting this weekend, so keep your eyes open for that.

Drawn in Manga Studio EX4.