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I think I’m going to talk a bit about Supernatural today. So, I’ve missed the boat on this show because of not having cable and stuff, but I’m currently watching through it on Netflix. I’m a few episodes in to Season 2, and I’m having this horrible relationship with this show. I’m enjoying watching it, it’s fun and all… But I can not stand Sam and Dean as characters for some reason. The actors are starting to grow on me, but the characters make me want to throw things at the screen. I love the format and the storyline of the show, with its (current) monster-of-the-week thing going on. But normally when I watch a show or a movie, I find one or two characters that I ADORE, and then latch on to them and love every scene that they’re in. With Supernatural, I don’t have that character connection to anyone yet.

I’ve been trying to analyze what it is about the characters that I don’t like. So far, it’s that Sam is a constant fountain of emo-tears, and Dean is a constant fountain of jerky one-liners (which sorta make me laugh, but that doesn’t mean that some of them aren’t annoying). But the more I analyze the show and the characters, the more I’m confused because I don’t know that I would have written them any other way. Going by the normal formula for a show, they’re pretty much standard, balanced characters. You have Dean, the older brother who’s tough, experienced, and brash. Then you have Sam, the younger brother who wants his own life, is more sensitive, and book smart. I’ve written team-ups like this before in my own stuff, but for some reason these two are driving me crazy. Yet I keep watching this stupid show because I like the show and just don’t care for the characters!

Anyway, I didn’t have much of a point for that. So I’ll posit you this question: Who are your favorite characters from the shows that you like, and WHY do you like those characters?

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