Don’t forget to throw me a vote over on! Voting gets you a preview of one of the first pages of Chapter 12, which is going to start posting in April!

I’m going to have the Advance PDF up tomorrow though. At least, I should. I just realized that I changed a line as a joke during a Google+ Hangout to make Hushicho laugh and I forgot to change it back. And as silly as Lance is, the real line needs to be in there so I have to change it back. Thank goodness I caught it before I put the PDF up!

PDFs of Chapter 12 are going to be available for a donation of any amount again, by the way. Since the next chapter is in color and I’m still not 100% sure how it’s going to be received.

Now, I shall leave you all to enjoying some guest art and teasers for the next two weeks, and I’ll be back with regular updates in April!

Drawn in Manga Studio EX4.

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