We had such fun talking about characters that we like last week, that now I want to ask about characters that you HATE. And why do you hate them? Nerd out with me in the comments, all fandoms welcome!

Don’t forget to throw me a vote over on TopWebComics.com! By the way, Chapter 11 is going to wrap this Friday, then there will be a short break (as always), and Chapter 12 will start posting in April. Once Chapter 12 is done I’m going to be asking for feedback on the comic so far, because that’s the end of the first story arc. Though, of course, I always welcome feedback in general so that I know how I can improve my storytelling and my art. But at the end of Chapter 12 I’ll probably have a survey or something… Basically I’ll be bothering you guys for feedback. XD

Drawn in Manga Studio EX4