I think that some people on social media who don’t know what I do probably think I’m some sort of serial killer. Or at least very homicidal. Because I get on there and I ask “What could be used as an improvised weapon in a body shop?” or something weird like that. And if you don’t know that I draw a comic and the main character owns a body shop, well… That just seems like a random question, doesn’t it?

I remember when I was drawing this page, I had a picture up of a guy holding a tire iron, and my husband walked past and said “What’s up with the tire iron? What are you doing?”

“Oh, just working on Chapter 11. The guys are arming themselves against the Varugo.”

And that, my friends, is a typical day in the Staley-Clark household. Is there anything in your daily lives that other people would think was just nuts?

Don’t forget to vote for Adrastus on TWC today! The incentive is a preview of tomorrow’s page. And really don’t forget that Friday’s vote incentive is going to be extra special because it’s my birthday, so I’m giving all of you a present! Because I love you all and wouldn’t be able to keep going without you, and that is the truth.

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