It’s time to take back Northern Lights from the clutches of the Varugo! Avengers, Assemble! Oh, wait, sorry, that’s the wrong catch phrase. Oops…

I just have no brain today. Sorry guys. I want to write something incredibly thought-provoking and deep here. (Robin is so good at that. I think she has super-powers. I want her community building powers, I really do.) My brain, however, has decided to go on vacation out of sheer terror and anticipation of this weekend. The introvert has social things planned all weekend. This will be draining and crazy, but hopefully a lot of fun and drama-free. Hopefully.

DO NOT FORGET! Please hit up the link on the left sidebar there and vote for me on TWC. Today’s vote incentive is a preview of tomorrow’s vote incentive. Why? Because I’m excited about showing the super-special-birthday-present-image I whipped up for you guys, and because I do what I want. I really want to get Adrastus in to the 30’s on TWC tomorrow, and we have a few hundred votes to get still before we can achieve that. Voting is free, simple, and you can do it once a day from ALL MACHINES that you get on. So vote from home, work, and your kid’s laptop, and we should be up the ranks in no time. :)

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