My favorite part of this whole page is Michael leaping over the car in the last panel. (You will also note the two guys running away in that panel while the woman in the skirt and bikini top pulls out a gun like the BAMF she is. I don’t know where she was keeping that gun, but I don’t think it really matters.)

So, this weekend was a ton of fun! Exhausting, but a ton of fun. I got some nice presents for my birthday, but the best thing was spending time with friends and family. Being an extrovert for four days straight though is really tiring for me. I had precious little alone time to recharge, so if I’m quiet on social media for a few days then that’s why. But still, it was a great birthday weekend. I’m looking forward to getting back to work though! There’s a 12th chapter that needs to be finished so I can start posting it after this chapter finishes in a few weeks.

I wanted to give a big shout-out to everyone who voted for Adrastus, by the way. We didn’t get in to the 30’s ranks for my birthday but that’s okay. Today’s vote incentive is a preview of tomorrow’s page, so go give me a vote if you have a second! Link is to the left there, in the sidebar.