Showdown at Northern Lights, folks. Not just between Andromeda and the Varugo, but with Sarah and the Guys too.

Don’t forget to hit the link to the left and give Adrastus a vote today! We’re still sitting pretty at rank #45, but I’m hoping to push up the next 6 ranks to get in to the 30’s by Friday. Because I turn 30 on Friday, so that’s what I want for my birthday. (Well, and I’m getting sushi on Saturday with friends and family, and an Avengers themed party on Sunday, and OMG I get to meet our very-own-fan-girl Miri too and she’s going to spend the weekend with us!) But I need help and votes to get in to the 30 ranks! I’m working on a special vote incentive for Friday and over the weekend, too, by the way. You’re not going to want to miss it. :)

Uhm…. that’s all I have for today, guys. I have a super-secret thing I need to got done by Friday which-is-not-the-vote-incentive. ┬áSo I’d better go work on that!

Drawn in Manga Studio EX4