I decided to take Monday off since it was my first actual day off in over a week and also last weekend was my anniversary weekend. But since I had to work all weekend we didn’t get to actually celebrate until Monday. It felt like a good time to take a break and not post a page.

As I said in a previous post under a page, I am currently contracted to write a new Clip Studio Paint book. Currently I have the next five pages of this chapter inked, but not shaded. I’m hoping to shade them, but they might get posted just with inks instead, depending on what I get done in the next few days. I am definitely intending on posting the rest of this chapter as comic pages. What happens after that is still up in the air. This book won’t be finished until early of next year and I’m not sure how much time I’ll have to put into comic pages after Chapter 18 is done. I have begun working on a “prose version” of Chapter 19, so that might get posted, but we’ll see.

Anyway, that’s all for now. See you all next Monday!