I just… In the script, that first panel was the Agent, not Brent. (The Agent on this page has become my favorite one to draw, by the way. I should give him a number of his very own…) But I changed it when I was drawing and now I love it. That freakin’ FACE. It’s the face of someone who knows they’re well and truly screwed and there’s nothing they can do about it.

This page also had more text on it originally, from the Agent. I removed it though when I realized that I could let the visuals tell his intents just as strongly as I could with text bubbles. I’m learning that what I decide to omit can be just as strong as what makes it on to a finished page, and in this case I feel like removing the text from Panels 2 and 3 (aside from SFX) just gave those panels more impact. Maybe I’m completely off base, I don’t know.

Drawn in MangaStudio EX4.