Yes, there is indeed a plan for that… It’s kind of like having an app for that.

Drawn in MangaStudio EX4.

Right now I am SO proud of myself because I’ve got the entirety of Chapter 09 laid out and lettered. I’m going to have to do some jumping around on the pages, because I have #artistproblems and need to get some of my friends to go act like idiots and hang out of car windows doing various stupid things while I take reference photos. That should be fun… and make the neighbors look at us all funny.

Don’t forget also that we have a donation incentive up! $5 gets you a fantastic 300dpi Michael pin-up file. I’m going to be doing some less-NSFW donation incentives as well for the future, so keep an eye out for those. Will probably finish up the Adrastus Avengers first. And I’ll do a Sarah pin-up too, for those of you who don’t want one of Michael. I believe in gender equality, after all. :)