I get the feeling that this cover is going to get me in trouble with the Michael fan-girls.

This cover is the first color thing I’ve done in MangaStudio. My desktop computer died on me, so I can no longer really use Photoshop at the moment. Was the push I needed to learn how to color in MS, but I’m still irritated that my PC is refusing to turn on.

The title for this chapter comes from a quote that I found. The quote is by Steve Largent and the full thing is “A child can escape the shadows.” I thought the last bit of it made for a good title for this chapter, considering what’s going to be happening. And don’t forget, we are now pushing THREE PAGES A WEEK! Yes, Adrastus is moving to the stereotypical Monday-Wednesday-Friday update schedule, so be prepare for more story coming at your face even faster than before!

Drawn in MangaStudio EX4.