“Get in the robot, Shinji” is what Sarah really WANTED to say.

Also, did you guys forget about Nancy? Because I think Sarah, Michael, and Lance all did.

Page not shaded just yet because I am a terrible person. Actually, it’s because we had issues with my computer build and didn’t get it up and running until about 9 p.m. on Saturday night. Then on Sunday I had work at the barn and it was my mom’s birthday so we went to meet my family for lunch to surprise her. I don’t have to be at work tomorrow though so I’m going to sit down tonight and finish this page and last Monday’s page and get them replaced.

By the way, VERY happy with the new computer system. To give an idea: on my old system it took 2 minutes for Clip Studio paint to generate a 32 page document (which is what I use for each Adrastus chapter). On my new system it took 15 seconds. Saving a file is down from about 30 seconds or more to around 2 seconds. I’m REALLY HAPPY right now. Though the CPU fan was making a very faint ‘clicking’ noise when we first put it together and got it booted up but that seems to have stopped. I thought up until I came upstairs to post this page that I was going to have to pull the CPU out, return it to Amazon, and wait for a new one- and subsequently be without a computer aside from my laptop for probably a week, at least. So long as it stays quiet though I believe we’ll be okay.

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