Lance is a little taken aback by Sarah’s question there in panel three. She has a good point though.

Thank you to those who expressed well-wishes for me after the last update.

More of my computer parts arrived. My motherboard is on back order and is supposed to be back in stock tomorrow, so I should have it some time next week. That’s the last part of the computer that I need so I can start putting everything together after that. So far my current computer is still stable.

Since it’s still the beginning of the month I wanted to remind everyone that one of the best ways to support this project is to become a Patron over on Patreon! Patrons get sneak-peek looks at pages, early updates, and more. And it’s as little as $1 a month to get access to all the fun stuff! If you want Adrastus to update more, this is how to make that happen.

And of course I need to say a huge thanks to all the current patrons who have been supporting Adrastus!

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