Darn, it’s broken.

Thursday’s page is the last one for this chapter, and next Monday I’m going to do a special post for the 7th Anniversary of the comic going live. I have one guest art piece to share too after that. And then… honestly, I’m not sure when Chapter 18 is going to start posting, and here’s why:

One of our housemates moved out and I needed to go get a job that gives me a regular paycheck that isn’t once a month or once every three months. I found a barn nearby that needs someone to do the same work I’ve been doing for the past 2 years at the barn I board my horse at, and got the job last Thursday. It’s five days a week, but not the same days as my other job, so as of right now there are 3 days of the week where I work both barns and no days where I don’t work at a barn at all. Now I just started so I’ll probably get used to things in the next few weeks but the past few days I’ve been very tired. I’m going to see how things go, but I *hope* that Chapter 18 won’t be too far delayed.