Michael has found the engine room, but it’s a little more than he expected.

I’ve decided that I’m going to get these charms made. At least these three, possibly more designs if I can think of any more. They’re going to be on clear acrylic and double sided… provided that I can figure out how to set the files up. I’m waiting to hear back from the company about a question I have regarding setup and then I can get the files squared away. Then I can set up pre-orders through IndieGoGo to help me get them funded. They’re happening even without pre-orders, the question is just a matter of when I get them done.

Also I applied for a Voltron fanzine and got accepted, so I’ve been working on a piece of art for that! Been working on my color theory stuff with it too, trying to get that down. I even thumbnailed out color picks, which I’ve never done before. It was neat to play around with color choices though and see what kind of moods I can get with different colors! I’d show them here but we’re not supposed to show them before the zine comes out.

There are 4 more pages left in Chapter 17!