Listen, Michael, Andromeda can’t do everything here. If you want to be in the robot during a battle then you’re going to have to help out!

There are just 6 pages left in this chapter. Then as normal we’ll take a break for a few weeks and then pick up the next chapter.

I want to share something I’ve been working on lately.

I’ve been wanting to make acrylic charms for a long time and I finally have some designs I think would look good. The robot and unicorn one is from a mini-print I made last year that I thought would make a really cute charm, and the other two I just finished up coloring the other day. I’m really excited to have these designed and I can’t wait to get them made in to charms. They’re going to be on white acrylic, the black outline is the cut line for the company. I don’t know when exactly they’ll get done, but hopefully it’ll be soon.

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