Sarah really can move that robot when she needs to.

This week I’ve been trying something a little different with my time management. I’ve been trying to just track how much time I spend during the day on certain tasks but find that I can spend too much time on “Personal” categories, like taking a break, instead of actually hustling and getting work done. Being ADHD and a multi-potentialite, I can get distracted easily and end up not working on all the projects that need to be worked on. So instead I’ve been trying to actually schedule out my days instead and I’m finding that it helps but it also can be stressful when things don’t go according to plan. Unexpected errands or things running overtime can send me in to a bit of an anxiety attack. Seems I still need to find the balance between planning to get things done and over-planning to the point where a setback keeps me from getting anything done.

How do you handle this when you have a project that needs to be done? Let me know on one of the social media accounts linked in the right-hand sidebar!