Speaking of gigantic idiots, I am one. my husband was off work yesterday so after I got off work we went and saw X:men Apocalypse and then went running around and had a late lunch and I completely forgot that it was Monday until this morning when I was 80% done with working out. Sorry everyone.

I HAVE AN ANNOUNCEMENT TO MAKE! You guys are getting this news first. Today I signed a contract for a new project with Packt Publishing. The project? I will be putting together a Clip Studio Paint video learning course, based loosely on my Manga Studio EX5 Cookbook- but updated and with new sections put in for the animation features and some brand new brush instructions and other sections! This will be a three part course and it’s going to be a lot of fun to put together!

Because this is a video project and is partially based on a previous work, I should be able to keep up with posting new comic pages. Especially now that it’s back to black and white.

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