Had kind of a crazy weekend and forgot to to queue up today’s page! Oops!

I wanted to take a minute today and thank two new Patrons over on the Patreon page– Rhiannon and Jonathan! They’re helping keep Adrastus up and running and I’m so honored by the support. Later today the new exclusive Patreon wallpapers are being posted later on today. You need to be pledged at the $3+ levels to get the wallpapers!

So I’ve been watching Heartland on Netflix and I’m pretty addicted. I’m in season 2 even though I just started watching it last week. I like that they do some English riding in the show along with all the Western riding. And that they got people who seem to be able to actually ride to be in the episodes. It is a little “soap opera-y” in spots but it’s not too overblown. I am a little afraid that it’s going to fall apart since there’s seven seasons to watch and I’m not sure how much believable drama they can wring out of so many episodes. But I guess we’ll see! So far I’m enjoying it. What show are you currently binge watching? Let me know in the comments!