Oh, man, that’s gonna hurt…

I can’t believe tomorrow is the last day of February! It seems like just last week I was doing my challenge of drawing one comic panel every day!

Speaking of, since it’s nearly a new month that means there will be a new Patreon exclusive wallpaper available over on the Adrastus campaign in the next few days. I released the first one last month and made it available to everyone, but this month’s will be available only to Patrons at the $3 level and up. Here’s a preview-

These wallpapers are mostly going to be silly “Draw The Squad” type pictures, because I have fun with them. Also this month’s is the first one I’ve done after taking the comic coloring course I’ve been going through this month and I think it’s helped quite a bit with my coloring. So if you want to get the fun perks of being a Patron, go to the link above the preview image or in the sidebar of the site and sign up! Rewards start at $1 per month and help keep me from going on hiatus. :)

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