Wednesday is my birthday. Hubby asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday and I told him I want to go to a big city and play Pokemon Go for a few hours. So today we are off to Baltimore, my hometown, to wander around at the Inner Harbor and catch imaginary creatures for our own personal gain. I hope to make a dent in the 7 Pokemon I still need for the Gen1 North America index and also get some Gen2 mons as well. I’m sure we’ll also find somewhere to have lunch, probably a ramen place. I’m really looking forward to it and trying to get this post written and the page up before taking a shower and getting ready to go.

On my actual birthday I have a driving lesson to teach and a riding lesson to take so it’s going to be fun to do horse stuff on my birthday. I’ve been getting better with my riding lately which is awesome. Plus nothing builds more confidence than learning how to communicate with a 1,000 pound animal using your legs and butt.

The screens in today’s update were pretty fun, by the way. Yes, the Ankali writing actually says stuff. :)

See you all on Thursday!