Yes, I DID just use “DODGE” as a sound effect. Because why not.

I had a deadline for this page of noon today, which I just barely accomplished. The publisher I work with wants to have the first of my three Clip Studio Paint video courses out on the market by the end of the month. I have 9 videos left to script out and record in the next week and a half so it’s a bit crazy. I need to work on all of that the moment I get done eating my lunch. I wish this was the end of the video course project but it’s just one-third of the way complete. I’m hoping from here out though it gets a lot smoother and easier as we figure everything out.

Also my shoulder is still sore and I’m back to work. Plus this Saturday I’m helping my friend move. So that should be fun. Wonder Woman isn’t going to be able to be quite so wonderful!