There’s not much that Sarah can do to this battle bot really, except annoy it like a fly. The TSC III is just not built to handle something like that. I think these are some of the best drawings of the TSC III I’ve done so far, though the one in panel 3 is a little too long. I got a book on perspective for Christmas that I’ve been doing exercises from and it’s taught me a lot of stuff I didn’t know, even about one point perspective. It’s been pretty cool, actually! It’s been a lot of little tweaks and tricks to help with the foundation of perspective I already knew, and I think it’s really helping some things finally click in my head that I’ve had trouble with in the past. That’s just how I feel about it, looking at this page and several others that are coming up.

Another reminder that this Sunday, the first Adrastus Kickstarter is going live! It’s for printing Book Three, and also to reprint Books One and Two. Almost got the whole thing set up, just a few tweaks here and there to do and then it’ll be ready. There’s some fun stuff, and stretch goals that I’m really excited about! I hope that you’ll come take a look and consider pledging and helping spread the word!

Today’s page made, as always, in Manga Studio EX5. Colors were provided by Byron Wilkins!