What a page to come back to posting with, huh? Byron did an amazing job with this, if you ask me. Though seeing it in color made me realize actually just how graphic I made this, even though I tried to make it not that graphic with the silhouette. I went through several emotions about posting it, ranging from “I’m going to put this under a cut in the blog post because I’m going to trigger someone and they’ll be mad at me because this is way darker than anything else I’ve posted” to “Screw it, the comic is going to a dark place right now because of what’s going on, the villains are not nice people and actually not as bumbling as 70’s and 80’s villains would be, I’m not going to sugar coat this.” Finally I decided on adding the white space with a warning so that the last panel won’t automatically come up on most monitors. I also don’t know if some people may read Adrastus at work and didn’t want SUDDEN VIOLENCE on work computers where someone could get in real trouble.

So anyway- we’re back! I’ve been working on getting pages inked, Byron’s coloring, and between all that I’ve been getting ready to launch the Adrastus Kickstarter!! It’s going to go live this Sunday, February 22, which happens to be my birthday. The Kickstarter will be for printing Book Three, and getting reprints of books one and two. It’s the first time I’ve ever run a Kickstarter and I’m nervous but also really excited. It’s going to be fun! And I have some stretch goals planned that will be amazing if we unlock them! Mark your calendars for this coming Sunday.

I wanted to close this out with one more thing, too. I want to give, again, my heartfelt thanks for all the kind words and support while the comic was on hiatus. I felt awful having to go back on hiatus but I really could not deal with withdrawal on top of trying to get caught up with comic stuff and everything else that was going on. The monkeys have not made it easy the past month, but I’m learning how best to swing at them with a baseball bat. I also wanted to thank, from the bottom of my heart, my good friend Eren from over at Tamuran. Last week I got a sudden email with the subject “Super Fantastic Amazing Adrastus Appreciation Email!” and learned that Eren had gotten a surprise together for me because of my shoulder-monkeys. A bunch of my friends did Adrastus fan-art for me and gathered it all together, and looking at those images I was in floods of happy tears! (I’m almost in tears right now, actually, just thinking about it) It’s one of the nicest things that’s ever been done for me, and I don’t even think I can adequately put in to words how much it means to me and how happy it makes me that these wonderful friends took time out of their days to make art for me- AND that they all managed to keep it a secret, since I spend most days talking to at least three of them several times, and had been on Skype for hours with some of the others doing Kickstarter planning before I found out about this! Apparently one piece was being worked on while I was sitting about fifty feet away at Ohayocon, and I had no idea at all. It was just a lovely surprise, and I want to thank Eren and Chezhnian of Tamuran, Christina of Sombulus, Jen of LaSalle’s Legacy, Robin of Leylines, Miri, Puff, and Ed all for contributing to that and making me feel really special. I love you all!

That’s all for now. See everyone on Wednesday for another page!