Seven hours from when I normally post the comic, uncolored, and I feel terrible about it but I just can’t do any more to it right now. (There’s only like 4 people on the planet who like my coloring anyway so it’s not a big loss if it’s not colored)

As I said over on the Patreon campaign this morning, I had a crap weekend. Coming off the medicine is not something I should be doing while also trying to stick to a comic schedule, it would seem. I’ve been listless for three days, unable to sit still, unable to concentrate. All I want to do at the moment is sleep. I had shoulder pain Friday night and most of Saturday. The only time that I’ve felt like myself lately was on Sunday when I took Glory and her new cart that I purchased for her for theirĀ first spin. Tonight is my last half-dose of medicine so hopefully in the next few days I’ll be feeling perky again. When I wasn’t on medication I could actually concentrate most of the time, but one of the things I have definitely noticed ever since I’ve been on pills is that sometimes I just have no focus at all and I can’t get anything done for days at a time.

So anyway. Here’s the page. I hope I’ll get a chance to color it at some point. Yes I know that the second Agent disappeared in the background of the fourth panel, I’ll draw him back in too. I’m just too tired to do it right now.

Today’s page made, as always, in Manga Studio EX5


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