And now Nancy is getting in to trouble. Not that that wasn’t suspected from the off anyway, right? How much worse can this get?!

So far, so good on me getting off my medicine, as I blogged about last time. I don’t feel sick or anything from just having half-doses, which the doctor said might happen. I’m going to take the half-dose pills for a week and then stop those and see how I feel. Hopefully this will all go smoothly and I won’t feel awful. I’ll blog more about the process as it goes on, of course. As I said at the Creativity and Depression panel at InterventionCon last year, I don’t think that depression is talked about enough in our society and that it’s got a huge stigma behind it. One that I would like to help change, especially if it helps other people deal with their own depression or other mental health problems. Sometimes just knowing that you’re not alone is enough to make the world a little brighter. When I found out about PMDD I felt like, finally, I wasn’t just crazy or a “bad person”- which is what I’d thought for a very long time.

Anyway, have a good weekend and I’ll see you on Monday for another page!

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