Apparently there’s no opinions about what I should do about the things I outlined in Wednesday’s blog post?

By the way, I want to take today to, again, thank everyone who has supported my endeavors. Yesterday I got my Quarterly Royalty Statement for the Mastering Manga Studio 5 book and the sales seem to still be going strong! I’m really glad that the book is still getting out there, despite having been published for awhile now, and is still helping people. I really and truly love Manga Studio, I think it’s the best art software out there, and I wish that Smith Micro would give me a job just talking to people about how awesome the program is and how much easier it can make artist’s lives. Maybe I can figure out how to make that a job on my own.

Just a reminder that I have set up a shop on Gumroad and that the first two Adrastus books are available there as a pay-what-you-want PDF. They’re high quality and have all the extra content from the print book, now available as a convenient PDF!

(If you are seeing this on Tumblr and there is no comic image yet, here is a link:

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