Apparently I hurt my drawing arm yesterday. Awesome. Thankfully this page was already off to Byron!

This chapter is winding down. There’s a few more pages left to go and then Chapter 16 (Book Four!) will be done. Kind of excited for the next few chapters after this one. There’s going to be some changes happening so keep an eye out!

Also, just to let you all know, I’m starting to offer more in-depth Manga Studio 5 tutorials through my Gumroad shop. Videos will still be available on YouTube, but will be a partial video instead of the entire tutorial. Also the Gumroad tutorials come with a PDF write-up with color screenshots, and any samples that are worked on with the tutorial. Last week I put up a tutorial on Auto Actions (which are one of my  favorite things of all time).

You can also get a FREE tutorial on the five Manga Studio 5 Features that will Increase Your Productivity just for signing up to follow my updates on Gumroad. You’ll never be spammed and I’ll just send you updates about new tutorials- and free stuff too from time to time!

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