If you came here expecting April Fool’s day something, I’m sorry to disappoint.

Yesterday was the oddest day. I was trying to get the pencils and inks for this page done and my hands were shaky. I was anxious and felt terrible, couldn’t concentrate and couldn’t sit still. Finally I drank a whole lot of water and took an anxiety pill. After that I felt alright. Thank goodness for Byron though because apparently I forgot to put backgrounds on this page in my anxiety-ridden state. That was embarrassing!

I want to share some new packaging I’ve been working on for my buttons. (Which you can find by clicking on the Storenvy or Etsy buttons below) I think they’re turning out pretty nicely and I’m hoping they’ll be a big hit at the SciFi Saturday Benefit Event going on at the end of May in Carlisle, PA!

2015-03-28 17.29.48 2015-03-28 17.29.55 2015-04-01 09.02.37
Much nicer than just putting the buttons in a baggie, don’t you think? Got lots more to do though! Happy Wednesday, see you all Friday!

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