When I was planning out this chapter I originally wrote that this cover was going to be something like Sarah and Nancy standing back to back. I’m glad I changed it though because I love this cover so much! I’m still not 100% happy with the shading on Sarah/Andromeda’s legs, so I may adjust it a little here soon. I would have done it before posting but… yeah.

I’ve been having a lot of trouble with my depression lately. I think it’s because the holidays were here and they weren’t quite as joyous as they usually are. I mean, they weren’t bad overall just they weren’t like previous years and that was sort of hard on me for some reason. Plus the actual winter weather has set in here in Pennsylvania and that is always difficult for me. I thrive on sunshine and warmer temperatures, and they’re not calling for that around here any time soon. Right now I’m happy if it gets above freezing. And unfortunately my depression makes it hard for me to get things done- even things that I love doing, like making comics. I was tempted to push the start of the chapter back another week, but stopped myself because the best thing for me right now would be to have a deadline because it will spur me forward and make me work. Instead of staring blankly at a half-flatted comic page while wallowing in despair. Because that’s what I did most of last week, even though I’m really excited to finish up Chapter 16, I’m still having trouble working on it.

But, through all that, I actually have been making my goals and plans for this coming year. I blogged about them yesterday over at LizStaley.com so you can go check that post out if you’re so inclined! I’m also plotting a new project, a new book project, that I haven’t really said anything about until now, but that I might be leaking previews and tidbits of over through the Patreon campaign. I will say this about it- it’s about making comics. If you want to jump in on the Patreon campaign and help me both with Adrastus and with my future projects, the link is below!

Page drawn and colored in Manga Studio EX5


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