What convention (either genre or a specific convention) would you like to go to but haven’t had a chance to yet?

Byron and I are going to a gaming con this weekend, down in Winchester, Virginia. We went to GenCon last year and that’s a “gaming con” but there was so much other stuff there that it really felt more like a general geeky con than anything. The vendor room at GenCon was HUGE, with everything under the sun inside of it, including webcomic artists and such, and there was just every manner of thing to do.

This convention we’re going to this weekend has FIVE vendors coming, and is pretty much just all tabletop roleplaying games, all the time, for three days. And we’re attending, we’re not one of the vendors, even. So I feel like this is kind of our first “gaming con” and I’m not entirely sure what to expect. I’m hoping that my back pain will ease off and I can enjoy the weekend thoroughly. Fingers crossed on that.

Anyway, those are my plans for the weekend.

By the way, I love it that Michael apparently thinks it’s not a worry if Sarah tried to punch someone in the face just because they were a reporter. And another by the way, we have not seen the last of Nancy Neptune, gentle readers. Not by a long shot. (Also, Michael’s face is actually a little hard to draw without his glasses on. I seem to keep derping up his eyes. At least that’s how it looks to me. Someone confirm that for me?)

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