Final panel is more experimenting with SketchUp and doing a 2DLT extraction on the render in MangaStudio.

And I’d like to point out that Michael is a “weirdo” in a group of people who watch for extraterrestrials trying to take over Earth. Probably because he has a sense of humor. ;)

Wanted to also thank everyone who wished me well over my returning shoulder pain and offered advice. Raising my computer chair and doing stretches has helped a lot with the pain, so I’m back on track with building my buffer of pages! Now if I could just get my lower back pain to go away, that would be great. I’ve started doing back stretches as well but I still think part of the problem with my various aches and pains is having to lean over my tablet to draw. I’d really love to get a monitor arm for my Yiynova soon.

Which segues right in to my announcement that the link for the store has changed! Now instead of DynamiteCandy, we are! I do have some new buttons to add but all the old buttons are available for your purchasing pleasure, along with books, prints, and posters of both the My Little Pwnformers and the Muppet Avengers! If you want to take a look around, either click the link above, or the Store link over in the left hand menu has been updated as well.

Today’s page made in Manga Studio 5 EX!

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