What dreams have you been working on lately?

This is probably going to seem so silly to a lot of people out there, but something that I have wanted for years and years is to go to a convention as a guest. Even before Adrastus started, when I was just writing novels, it was on my list of goals to be a guest at a con, at some point in my life.

And it just happened.

This year I will be a guest at one of my favorite conventions, Intervention Con, August 22-24 in Rockville, MD. I’ve been going to Intervention for a few years now as an exhibitor and it’s a con I look forward to all year. Last year I did my first Manga Studio panel there and it was a blast. Intervention is an internet culture con, so there’s a lot of writers, web-comickers, singers, dancers, video makers, and just about everything else under the sun there. It’s a great big happy nerd-fest and I love it, so being on the guest list this year is a huge honor to me! I can’t wait to do some more panels and meet with friends new and old!

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