Robbie does not have time for you, Michael.

Update on my back pain- it’s finally down to a manageable level. I had to have Chezhnian from Tamuran go beat the hell out of my back on Saturday to get it that way. There is now just a few concentrated spots of pain, and I can sit up for small periods of time without wanting to die, instead of needing to be flat on my back every moment of the day. Hooray, progress.

Now that the pain is down to a manageable level I’m going to try to add back stretches to my shoulder stretches in the hopes to make it go away entirely for at least awhile. This, unfortunately, might delay me working on pages this week. Thankfully I have a small buffer because of the work that I’ve been doing the past two weeks so it shouldn’t effect site updates in the immediate future. Still hoping to get an arm for my monitor though so I can have it in a more back-friendly position while drawing so that this problem doesn’t keep cropping up.

In the meantime, enjoy today’s page and I’ll see you Wednesday!

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