Every time I look at that first panel I giggle. And Nancy is just trying to be so happy and stuff about this story and Sarah… Well obviously she is not happy at all.

Made in Manga Studio EX4 and EX5

So, Katsucon was a lot of fun! I actually spent most of Friday up in my hotel room because there was nothing really going on that I wanted to see. So instead I worked on Adrastus pages and managed to get the rest of this chapter all colored! So that was worth it, really. I also helped out some on my roommate’s cosplays (and now have the cosplay bug… This can’t be good).

Friday night, late, I went down and got a badge for the convention. I went late so I could avoid the horrendous lines I’d been hearing about. Saturday I went to a few panels, but my main mission was to locate Phil and Kaja Foglio, two of my favorite artists of all time. I’ve been reading Girl Genius for a long time, and got in to their art when I started playing Magic: The Gathering back at college. Phil and Kaja’s art made me so happy, in fact, that I’d built a “Foglio Deck” to play with just so I could look at it.  I wasn’t even going to go to Katsucon at all until I found out they were going to be attending, and then I pretty much rearranged my entire life so I could go. (Actually I haven’t been to Katsucon since about 1998 until this year)

So, after some panel fun on Saturday, I went in search of the Foglios. First I checked through the Dealer’s Room- the first time I have been in a Dealer’s Room to browse in a long, long time. I found some awesome Grandizer toys that I wanted so badly I could cry, but no Foglios. So it was off to the Artist’s Alley instead. I found them immediately and stopped, waiting for Phil (Kaja was away from the table when I first showed up) to finish talking to a few people before I stepped up.

I’d brought the afore-mentioned Foglio deck with me and told Phil about it, and asked if he minded signing a few of my favorite cards. Well, he didn’t sign “a few” of my favorite cards. He pulled all his cards out and signed all of them. While he was doing that I told him how much I liked Girl Genius, and that it was one of the inspirations for me starting my own comic. Phil asked if it was a web-comic, sounding interested in it.

So of course,  I actually had brought the two Adrastus books with me… I pulled them out of my bag and let him browse through them. Phil Foglio is so super-duper nice, by the way, and he said that it looked like a neat comic. So I told him that I’d actually brought the books to give to them, if they didn’t mind and didn’t think it was too weird. He didn’t think it was too weird at all, apparently, and asked me to sign them! So I did and handed them over. I bought a few things (and was sad because with the crappy weather we’ve been having, it meant that none of their books had arrived) and then said that I had a few friends to say hello to and that I’d be back around in a little bit to say hello to Kaja too, when she returned.

I made a quick lap, looking at a few things and saying hello to Britney, of Snow By Night. By the time I circled back around, Kaja had returned so I stopped by the Girl Genius table again and she signed all of her cards from my deck! So now I have a whole boatload of signed Foglio cards- and that makes me really happy!

Kaja was super nice too, and Phil pulled my books back out to show them to her while I was there. She looked through them and said she couldn’t wait to read them. By then their lunch had arrived and I didn’t want to hold them up, so I thanked them, again, for their time and for Girl Genius and left them to eat.

That was, honestly, the highlight of my convention. Aside from that and a few panels, and hanging out with my friends, I didn’t actually go see much. But I had a great time, and got to meet two of my idols. And it’s always great when your idols turn out to be fantastic people, isn’t it?

So yeah, the convention was a lot of fun! I got to meet a bunch of fantastic people, and see a lot of great costumes. And even with the snow it was just a great, great weekend! I’d definitely go back again!