Uncle Lance is a moment-ruining moment-ruiner. But I love that second panel so much. It made me giggle. And Sarah and Michael’s expressions throughout the rest of the page, too. They are trying to act innocent, it is not working.

So, you guys remember how I had to visit the emergency room a few weeks back? Got the bill for that, and of course it’s a whopper. We’re looking in to the options we have for paying it back since we currently don’t have insurance, but any fundraising that I could do would be a big help. If we can’t get any help from the hospital, I get a 35% discount for paying within 30 days of the invoice, which was this past Monday. Even with the 35% discount though, the bill is over $750!

Take this as my reminder that I have a web-store! Books, buttons, posters, cell charms, prints all available and I’ll be listing more stuff throughout today and the weekend. There’s not just Adrastus stuff there, either, but fandom things too. (I have an Etsy store as well but because of Etsy’s fees I get less per sale, however here is the link just in case someone wants to buy something and is more comfortable with Etsy)

Today’s page was done with Manga Studio EX4 and EX5.

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