HI GUYS! It’s so good to be BACK! Holy crap, I have missed you all. I’ve missed the site, I’ve missed sharing new pages with you all, I’ve missed getting your feedback on the story, I’ve missed everything!

Hope that all you mechaheads had a fantastic holiday season and are ready to kick off the new year with some more Adrastus. I’m excited to be sharing this chapter with you all finally- even if I am nervous about it too. It’s always nerve-wracking to introduce a new character, which is obviously what’s going to be happening here in Chapter 13. But there’s also going to be some other things that I’m really excited to show too. So you’ll have to stick around and see where the story goes!

Right now I’m going to go back to the Monday-Wednesday-Friday update schedule. I’m still not up to where I was pre-Manga-Studio-Book, and last week I hurt my back pretty badly, making it nearly impossible for me to sit up at my computer and actually do work on things that I wanted to get done before today. I’m hoping to soon get back to the five days a week update schedule though.

So, welcome back, mechaheads! Chapter 13 is GO!