I’ve spent a fair amount of time in hospital waiting rooms. To me they’re pretty much universally horrible. Especially if you’re in them a lot for a long span of time because someone you know and love is chronically sick or badly injured.

A few years ago, my step-father-in-law got in to a really bad car crash and ended up in Hershey Medical Center as the first stop on a round of several medical centers while they tried to fix the damage that had been done to his brain in the crash. It was a scary time, and my husband and I ended up making the drive to Hershey many times that summer. Sometimes all we could do was sit in the waiting room with my mother-in-law and be there for her, just waiting for hours. I tried to draw on those experiences, and how it felt to be sitting there with no news, while drawing this scene. It kind of brought up a whole bunch of stuff for me, too, and that made it particularly hard to draw this page, and the rest of this sequence. I don’t fear hospitals, but apparently I hate waiting rooms and these pages really brought that up for me.

So what about you, readers? Thoughts on hospital waiting rooms might be too deep for a Friday, but apparently this page puts me in a deep mood.

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