Considering the fact that I actually had to start this page over on Saturday after it had been inked for a long time and I’d started putting down the base colors, I’m pleased that it’s even on time.

Saturday I was trying to get the base colors done on every character for the rest of the chapter. That was my goal for the day so that I could spend Sunday shading and highlighting in bulk. I had Sarah done on this page, but when I opened it to put colors on Lance I noticed something very strange. I only had three layers left in the Layers palette- the Paper default that Manga Studio 5 puts down, my panel rulers, and my original stick figure layout/sketch for the characters. What was strangest, though, was the fact that all but the Paper layer were turned off, but I could still see my inked lines and Sarah’s colors. But those layers no longer existed. And if I did anything to the other layers, the inked lines would disappear.

I ended up trying a few things that were completely unsuccessful before taking a screen-capture of the inked lines, deleting the borked page, then pasting the screen capture back in and starting back over on the inks again. Which made me very sad because this page actually was pretty difficult for me. This sequence of the chapter I apparently decided to work hard on my character acting, and getting a story across (or in this case, a conversation) without words. This caused me a lot of stress on this page in particular because I’m not 100% certain that the meaning is being conveyed. I hope that it is though. Tell me if I missed the mark, dear readers?

EDIT- Changed the page a little to make it read a bit clearer, due to a suggestion in the comments!