Nancy Neptune is getting a bit intense. And Mister Editor seems a bit skeptical. I’m really excited for next week’s pages- they’re something that we haven’t seen yet in the comic and I can’t wait to share them!

If you read my post from last update, I talked about time management and that Thursdays I was giving myself an “admin day” to take care of errands, research, maintenance, and anything else that wasn’t actually writing or drawing the comic. Yesterday was my first admin day and I have to admit, it went really well! I made myself a list of tasks that needed to be accomplished, both at home and out and about, on my white board and put it where I could see it easily.

Then as I completed each task I would erase it off the board and move on to something else. It worked out really well, because it cleared the junk out of my mind for the other days of the week and let me concentrate on what I was doing, rather than having to stop drawing to research the likelihood of being able to do wholesale custom button orders for people, or the cost of moving all our domain names to one host. I even got ACCOUNTING done yesterday. *gasp* Which I never do, but I had time, so I put my Etsy sales so far for the year in to Wave, and my expenses so far for the year in there too!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to get back to drawing this comic. Would love to hear any thoughts in the comments below!

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