Nancy might be a bit excited about this whole prospect. Just a bit.

So, it’s 2014. New years always bring about times of introspection and wanting to make a change for the better. Last year I pretty much consider a wash for Adrastus. Aside from getting the second book out and updating five days a week for a little while there, I didn’t really get anything accomplished. As is evidenced by the fact that we had a hiatus for about six months. Of course, that hiatus was also because I was writing a Manga Studio book, an experience that I would not trade for anything in the world.

But that experience also left me creatively and emotionally drained for about three months, unable to really get going back on the comic and the “day-to-day” of running the site and trying to make this project grow. Now, though, it’s a new year, I’m creatively refreshed and we’re obviously hitting the ground at least at a fast walk, if not a run.

Anyway, this post was supposed to be about how I’m organizing my days, and managing my time so I can get Chapter 13 done and out to you all! Not me waxing philosophically. Now that my back is better and I’m able to sit and work, I’ve been making some changes to how I structure my work so that I can make the best use of my time.

The plan was to balance working on my creative projects and getting outside and still doing work with the horses, something I desperately love, and get back in to shape, while still leaving some time for fun in there too (because that’s a natural part of the creative process. Have to recharge the batteries!). Tall order, but with some thinking I figured I could come up with a plan.

I was gifted a small 2014 Weekly Organizer and thought “Perfect!” and began to put it in to use this past Sunday. I opened to the next week and started to pencil things in to my days in chunks of time. First thing was first: the things that happen at specific times that I do not set, like my riding lesson and my volunteer work with the horses. I wrote those down in the appropriate sections of the organizer. I also just rejoined my Sunday gaming group, so Sunday is a recharge day.

I’ve noticed over the past year or so that I never get a darn thing done (drawing or art-wise) on Thursdays. I don’t know what it is about Thursdays, but they’re a black hole for me. So Thursdays are going to be my “Admin Day” from now on. Book-keeping, running errands, making phone calls, shop updates, and doing any new product research go on Thursdays. Now, the most important part of this is actually getting my husband on board with it. He sometimes asks me to run errands during the week, which I would then drop everything to go do as soon as possible and would take me out of my creative zone when that was where I needed to be. So I’m making the decision that unless it’s an emergency, those errands must occur on Thursday. My plan is to put my white board outside of my office space so that he and I can use it to keep track of what needs to be done on Admin Day. That way he also doesn’t have to bug me with it, he can just write it on my board.

Just making that decision has already made a huge difference for me. Yesterday, without having to worry about making calls to maintenance for the disposal not running, or doing research on moving our domain names, I got the inks finished on FIVE PAGES. More than I have done in a long time in one day.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday have been divided up to allow ample time for drawing, breaks for lunch and breakfast, and lessons/horse time. All of that is over by 5:30-6 every night (at least Monday-Wednesday) so I even have time after dinner to sit and relax in the living room if I’d like. Or, as what happens on Tuesdays, watch Supernatural. Which is what I do on Tuesdays.

That’s the plan. So far it’s helped, but it’s only been in implementation for a few days so we’ll see. The plan is also to sit every Sunday evening and plan the next week. I actually don’t have anything planned on Saturdays. I might *gasp!* get weekends off for myself! What a concept that would be!

Alright, my fellow artists and writers and creative peoples. This post has been all about time management. Do you have any plans- new or old- that help you to manage your time? I’d love to hear about them, so comment below!