Several weeks ago, very early on a Sunday morning, I woke up with incredibly sharp pain in my upper back and chest. Afraid that I was having a heart attack, I went to the Emergency Room. They were pretty certain that I wasn’t having a heart attack, but thought I might have a blood clot in my lungs. They ran blood tests and an EKG and determined that the pain was from muscle spasms, gave me a shot of Motrin, and sent me home.

Now I have a nearly $800 bill to pay before April 3rd, when it goes up to over $1000 because I don’t have health insurance right now. I hate having to ask for help, and it took me a long time to decide to do so, but I’ve seen the internet community do some incredible things for those in need before. I legitimately thought I was dying, so I went to the hospital, and it’s a much larger financial burden than I thought it would be. I would much rather people buy items from my shops so that I don’t feel like I’m “begging”, but if someone would rather donate than buy something I will put up a donation link.┬áDonation button is below since I have been asked about it!

Thank you to everyone who helped spread the word over the weekend over on Tumblr and Twitter. We received $40 over the weekend, which is something but it’s still a far cry from what’s owed!