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Run, Orion! Run! This would be so much easier if the darn robot wasn’t half taken apart, wouldn’t it?

I wanted to tell you guys about a really neat application I found last week. Working on these Manga Studio book chapters has required a lot of copying and pasting because of the way that the files need to be formatted for the publisher to review. This was making me waste a lot of time scrolling up and down, trying to find what needed to be copied, and I thought that there had to be something easier. I remembered my old day job, and wishing that I could copy multiple things and choose what to paste from those saved items because that would make everything faster and more efficient. So I went looking.

I found Spartan Multi-Clipboard, and let me tell you, it’s pretty dang awesome. It’s made writing the book easier already because I can store the bits of formatting that I need to keep and then paste them easily. Oh, and that first sentence of the latest blog posts, with the TWC link? That is stored in my Spartan as well so I don’t have to open old blog posts to copy the link again. Which is what I WAS doing, and what a royal pain that was. You can temporarily store clips or permanently store them, back them up, put out different sheets. It’s pretty easy to use, and there’s video tutorials with it too just in case you can’t figure it out. I did watch the basic video before I started using it and I think that helped immensely. So yeah, it’s a neat tool and if you do a lot of copying and pasting I would recommend it! Why in the world computers don’t come with something just like this by default, I have no idea.

What have you found that’s an “extra app” that should be a default because it would make life easier? Tell me in the comments! Or if you don’t have a program that makes life easier in ways that it shouldn’t have to, just tell me what your plans for the week are!