**Chapter 12 is going to be on an update schedule of Monday, Wednesday, and Friday because of the freelance gig that I’ve gotten! For more details please check out this post!**

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I don’t actually know what to really say about this cover. It was fun, I love the way that it turned out, and I think this chapter is going to be great. Maybe least of all because it’s in full-color for the whole thing, which I’m both excited and terrified about.

The greatest thing about this cover though is that I drew the gun from a reference. My long time friend, and fan of the comic, Puff made me a ray gun that she said was inspired by Johnny/Orion. It sits on my desk, because it’s awesome, and when the idea for this cover came to mind I actually used it to draw the gun for this cover. So far it’s the neatest bit of fan-something that I’ve gotten for the comic and I love it. I’m planning on using it if I ever cosplay Andromeda, actually. (because yes, I would put on the spandex at a con and wear the helmet, it would be kind of awesome, and I have no shame)

So anyway, strap yourselves in and prepare for the ride that is going to be Chapter 12. I think you all are going to like it!