I was interviewed for PCWeenies’ Draw Me a Robot site! So if you ever wondered what my hardware set-up is, what sort of tools I use, and what my “office” looks like, you can read the interview and see the robot that I created for the site here! The robot drawing part was actually really cool because I tried a different method than usual. Instead of drawing Adrastus or something I’ve already created, I downloaded some speedpainting brushes for Manga Studio 5 and just played with shapes until I had a silhouette that I liked. Then on top of that, I designed the robot. Not my usual method of working but I think it turned out well!

Don’t forget to go¬†vote for Adrastus over on TWC! As always, you’ll get a preview of the next update for your free vote, and it only takes a second! (And today you’ll get a sneak peek at one of my favorite robots to draw for this chapter!)