So Mike Delheim of WAGON Webcomic Battle just sent me this link. Apparently the WAGON Geek Deck is on sale for $10 right now. By the way, there are Adrastus cards in that Deck and they’re pretty awesome, so you should pick a deck up. And check out the other webcomics that are involved in the WAGON project too!

So yesterday I did something a bit different. I’ve had a project idea rattling around in my head for awhile so I made a video discussing it and asking for feedback. Video below for anyone who hasn’t seen it. (You will note evidence of my Avengers Obsession in the background. Also, on the wall above my head is Sarah art done by Lar Desouza, and to the right of the screen is Michael and Andromeda drawn by Carlos SanJuan of Callous Comics. :) )

Don’t forget to go¬†vote for Adrastus over on TWC! As always, you’ll get a preview of the next update for your free vote, and it only takes a second!