So I’ve been hard at work on the Manga Studio book for the past week. It’s starting to come together and I think I’m finally starting to find my voice on it. There’s still a lot of work to be done, of course, but so far it’s going alright. And I’m realizing just how much I did NOT know about Manga Studio. I love the program, and anyone who has talked with me for less than a week can probably figure that out because I’m a Manga Studio evangelist. But there’s a big, BIG difference between figuring out a program enough to get by and do the bare minimum of what you need to do, and trying to write about a program to teach others how to use it. And since the whole point of this Manga Studio book is to teach how to make the program work for you and get time-saving advice from it, I’m finding all sorts of things that could have saved me a ton of time if I’d known about them four chapters ago.

What do you think? Has there been something that you thought you knew a lot about until you tried to teach it to someone else? What was it, and how did your perception of the subject change as you were teaching?

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