Poor Sarah. She’s so frustrated with this crappy program and these crappy coordinates and this crappy robot.

Today’s page made 100% in Manga Studio 5!

So, I wanted to show you guys around my workspace/office in today’s blog post. It’s not much but, it’s where this comic is made and where I spend most of my time.

My office is in a corner of my living room. This is the view from the door in to the living room. We had to cover the windows with black sheets because this apartment’s heating and cooling are terrible and the sun beats in this three huge windows, making the apartment very, VERY hot if we don’t have the windows covered.

The desk is an L-shape, and you have to walk around it to get in to the “office” space. On the wall there to the left you can see some of my posters. Of course there’s an Avengers Hawkeye one. There’s also some posters from Robin of Leylines, and one up there from Kevin Bolk. Posters you can’t see around the corner is from Shadowbinders. On the edge of the desk, behind the monitor, is a pink, black, and glitter basset hound statue my niece painted for me. On the corner of the desk is a fairy with a horse statue, and one of Dawn. (I got the Dawn on clearance at a comic shop because it was damaged somewhere. The shop owner showed me the damage but it had been repaired and I honestly can’t tell it was ever broken so… Yay, Dawn figure!)

Coming around the desk, just at the end of the L there. Up on top of the desk shelf in the foreground you can see my button maker and some parts. I have that string of LED lights there because this apartment is incredibly dark (stupid 1970’s wood paneling!) and I can barely see my keyboard without the light.

The white crates in front of that window in the back hold various things- reference books, figures, some important sentimental things, and some software discs as well. Oh, and that is my fabulous green desk chair that was bought for me through my GoFundMe campaign when I was having back and shoulder issues! I love the color of that chair!

Here is where I spend most of my day. This is my Yiynova monitor, attached to an HP monitor arm. The keyboard is a TypeMatrix Dvorak hardwired. To the left you can see the little baskets that hold my headset, post-it notes, and some of my shipping supplies (international customs forms, postage scale, etc.) To the right of the monitor is my lucky bamboo plant, and my “I *heart* horses” mug, which I use for tea. Just in front of the baskets you can see the model of the TSC III that I started to make with a motorcycle model kit and Epoxie Sculpt. Also to the left, off-screen, is my Armature Nine model for use when I have a difficult pose I need to work on!

This is a wall-hanging that is positioned directly across from my desk, above the bookshelf where we keep our DVDs. My mom painted this for me after seeing a brown Kraft paper and marker version I’d made for myself. She decided that wouldn’t do, and made me this.

Better shot of the white “crates” to the right of the desk. On the bottom rows are reference books, comics, and software disks. The far left middle box is a mosaic skull my mom made for me, my Grendizer USB drive, the replica of Johnny’s gun that Puff made me, a bottle of Cass beer, and a partial vase of origami lucky stars I’ve made. The other crates are full of Breyer horses (and a plush adorable spider, omg, it’s so cute I don’t even like spiders)

Top left box has a fabric drawer with armwarmers and such in it- close at hand in case I get cold. There’s a metal sign that reads “When you count yer blessings, count yer horse twice!” which I just had to buy. The next crate over has another Breyer horse, a paper plate my niece painted for me when she came up to horse riding camp, and some other comic issues (laying down). On top of the crates are more horse figures, my collection of Hawkeyes, a Kree-o Bumblebee Transformer, and a few other things- like my Toothless figure, Plot Bunny Custom Littlest Pet Shop Figure, and the Toki Doki Robo Unicorn figure. Lots of little things that I like to look at and have around, but don’t want front-and-center in my line of view when I’m working because they can be a distraction.

Finally, on the table behind the desk, in front of the second window, is the photography station. This is my lightbox and lamps. On the right there you can see the old lightbox I made when my office was back in the kitchen alcove. It was small, so I could keep it on my desk, but now I have room for the larger one. On the small set of shelves in the back of the picture is my Kodak Hero 9.1 printer. Under that are various supplies- tape, hooks, paper, extra ink, and Adrastus fliers that still need to be cut out.

By the way, that huge Adrastus printout was something my Dad made for me, when I was trying to get a banner for at my convention tables. He figured if I couldn’t get one in time for the next convention, I at least had that. So I put it up when I moved the office here, in an attempt to cover up some of the crappy dark wood paneling.

Wow I need to clean the one side of that table off… What a mess.

Next to the printer is also the wig I bought to one day turn in to a Sarah Bryant wig. It’s a work in progress…

So, that’s my creative space! I really wish I had a room with a door but it’s just not feasible right now, so I work with what I have. Where do you do your creating at? Tell me about it and share pics in the comments! (Or comment about today’s page, I like that too.)